Which is the best online casino Australia real money for 2020 ?

Many people know about in-person casinos, but not very many are aware that it’s just as easy (and potentially even easier) to play for real money in an online casino! These online casinos contain slots, table games, and some even have live dealers just like a brick-and-mortar casino, all while allowing you to play from the comfort of your own home, as we already told you on our website. Even better, most offer several quick payout options so that you can get your money deposited into your bank account quickly and easily.

Knowing which online casino australia real money is the best for you can get difficult. Some will offer the best welcome packages and bonuses, while others will have the best variety of games. Most should offer superior customer support. Navigating these dozens of options can get overwhelming. This is why we’ve compiled this list of the top online casinos in Australia! Read about our top picks for the best online casino in Australia for real money.

Immediately following this list and reviews, we’ve compiled a small buyers guide that can help newcomers to online gambling navigate the ups and downs of online gambling. Be sure to check this section out, as it can help you decide which of these sites is the best online real money casino for you!

Top Online Casinos in Australia for Real Money

Are you living in Australia and looking to test your luck in an online casino? Or are you just visiting and want to get in on the best online gambling opportunities for the area? Check out our picks of the top online real money casinos in Australia below. 


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Why Play Real Money Online Casinos?


In today’s constantly moving world, it’s simply impossible to visit the casino whenever and wherever you want. Even in places like Las Vegas where you’re surrounded by more casinos than you could ever hope to visit, it’s not always possible to be in one in an instant.

Thanks to real money online casinos, however, it’s now possible to start playing simply by logging onto a computer or mobile device. Most of these options even offer a phone application option. All you need to do is click an icon on your home screen, and you can start playing!

Some casinos are open 24 hours, but most are not. With an online casino, there’s no need to plan to commute or deal with staff disrupting your games. There’s also no employees telling you to leave after the casino closes! An additional benefit to playing real money online casinos is that the drinks are cheap; drinks at a casino can get expensive, but buying a 6-pack and staying home to play virtual slots leaves you with more money to gamble – and you don’t have to find a ride home. 


With a brick-and-mortar casino, there are only so many types of games that are offered. There are always a limited amount of roulette and poker tables available, slot machines occupied by other patrons, and games down for service. With real money online casinos, you’re not limited to the amount of games you’re able to play. From slots to roulette, poker, blackjack, and more, you’ll never run out of options with an online casino.

Variety doesn’t just apply to the number of available games in the online casino. There are more themes of games than you could ever hope for at a regular casino. If themed slot machines are your thing, there are thousands upon thousands of themes online. You can find themed games that suit every person, which makes the experience so much more fun and unique. Playing at a casino is already fun; with online real money casino games, you’re unlimited.

Payment Options/Speed

With regular casinos, you play the games and then you get your winnings with a cash or check. Regular casinos are pretty limited with payout options, but with online real money casinos, you have options with your deposit and payout.

Some online casinos now offer investment with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. You can also receive back your winnings in cash or cryptocurrency depending on what you choose. This is a more recent development and is less common than other methods of payment such as credit cards, but it’s worth checking out. Most online casino sites will list this either when you sign up, or when you first go to deposit money into your account.

One other reason people enjoy online casinos is the convenient payout speed options. Most casinos can give you the payout in time frames varying from an hour to a week. The best online casino sites for real money give you cash faster, but with a slower payout time (such as a week). This allows you to build up that payout. By the time the week is over, the large sum of money you receive is that much more satisfying.

Higher Payout

The payout is usually higher (around 97%) than regular casinos. Brick-and-mortar casinos need to spend money on maintenance, security, cleaning, and other aspects of a standing business. They also dedicate part of their maintenance to bars and sometimes food, bringing the cost of operations up and the patrons’ payout down. Online casinos don’t need to pay these fees and, as a result, pass those savings onto you.

Bonuses are also much more common with online casino games. Some machines in standing casinos have jackpots, but there are always extra rewards for online casino games like extra spins and free games. Simply by reading our list of the top online real money casinos, you can see the overwhelming amount of welcome bonuses and free spins you’ll receive simply by signing up. Meanwhile, deposit matches and first deposit bonuses exist in online casinos to reel you in. Jackpots are typically progressive, increasing until someone wins. 

Free Options

One other benefit to playing in online casinos is that some of the games are free. Most online casinos offer “free plays” of their games before you commit to purchasing credits or investing real money. The reason for this is to get a feel for the game before risking money. This method of play is a great risk-free way of learning how to play. It’s also a great idea to learn how to play in these free play games and apply the knowledge to a regular casino as well.

Free play options are a benefit of online casinos that regular casinos simply can’t offer. This is because brick-and-mortar casinos have limited numbers of tables and slot machines, and they can’t risk someone who isn’t paying taking up the space that a paying customer could potentially take.

With an online casino, this isn’t a problem. Online casinos can handle virtually infinite amounts of customers at one time, making free play a risk-free way of learning how to play casino games.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are another amazing benefit of online casinos. Loyalty points are like the frequent flyer points for casinos; they reward players for being loyal visitors to the site.

These points aren’t based off of how much the player wins, but rather for their loyalty to that site. For example, if the online casino rewards players with 100 points for every day they visit and log into the site and a spin costs 700 points, after a week the player can virtually spin for free.

Brick-and-mortar casinos offer loyalty points as well, but these points are often only redeemable for things like hotel rooms, drinks, or food at the casino in question. These are good benefits, but only if you’re interested in staying at the hotel you’re playing at or eating at their restaurants. Using loyalty points for credits at your online casino of choice is a much better option for most people, which is why the benefits of playing at an online casino outweigh those of playing at a regular casino.

Types of Real Money Bonuses

Real money bonuses are incentives for online casinos to attract new players. These incentives include no-deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins, and the ability to use cryptocurrency for gambling. These all contribute to the retention rate of the casino. Here are some more in-depth descriptions of these real money bonuses.

No Deposit

A no deposit bonus is from a casino that doesn’t require a deposit to start playing games. Regular casinos that require a deposit will ask for credit card information for payment before you’re allowed to play, but no-deposit online casinos will not.

Instead, they typically offer a welcome bonus or another method of playing without requiring you to deposit money. They will eventually require your funds to play, but it’s not necessary to start playing.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is offered by an online casino to attract new players. It is also referred to as a sign-up bonus: once a player signs up to a casino that is offering a welcome bonus, the casino credits the player with the bonus amount to their account, which they can use to start playing immediately. These are usually one of two types: Bonus credits or free spins. These can apply to a variety of games in the online casino.

Free Spins

Free spins are a form of bonus that you can win either by signing up (as a sign-up or welcome bonus) or by playing games. Free spins can vary based on which game they apply to; sometimes you can apply your free spins to slot machines of your choice, and sometimes you can use them for games like roulette. It’s up to the online casino to decide what games these free spins apply to, so make sure to check the terms and conditions of the free spins if you happen to win them.


A valuable incentive of playing in real money online casinos is that they can accept and dispense cash in cryptocurrency form. Very few (if any) brick-and-mortar casinos accept things like Bitcoin or Ethereum to be able to play, but online casinos do. You can also win bonuses dispense your earnings in cryptocurrency, based on which casino you choose to play with.

What Online Casino Games Can I Play for Real Money?

There are thousands of online casino games that you can play for real money. You’re not limited to what you can find in any typical casino either. Here are a few of the most popular online casino games.

online casino australia real money


Slots are the most popular game found in online casinos. Everyone knows what slots are: the classic game of chance. Although they’re very popular, some people believe since they’re online and digital they may be rigged. However, online slots use random number generators, just as online roulette does. So, rest assured: it’s a very fair game of chance.


online casino autralia real money

Same as slots, roulette is a classic game of chance that is extremely popular online. These digital versions of roulette use a random number generator instead of a dealer. This usually makes the game faster and more exciting than regular roulette, where you have to wait for the ball to stop on a number.


Online poker works much the same as regular poker: The site accepts real-life funds from the player, then adds it as a credit to the player’s account. These funds are then used to take part in poker tournaments, cash games, or other types of poker. The money won is real and can be cashed out quickly and easily.


The rules of craps in an online casino are the same as in a regular casino. That isn’t to say that the odds of winning in online craps are the same as they would be if playing in person, but they’re pretty close. One benefit of playing online craps is that the minimum bets are usually lower. This makes online casinos great for learning how to play craps before competing in person, which can be pretty intimidating for new players.


This game is lesser-known in casinos as some of the other games on this list, but that’s just another benefit of online casinos. Bingo is another classic game of chance and is perfect for an online casino environment. It’s common to find casinos entirely dedicated to bingo only, but some sites have bingo along with other casino games.

How Safe Are Real Money Casinos Online?

Online real money casinos are not only very safe, but also efficient. There’s no waiting for machines to free up, there’s no intoxicated angry losers, and there’s no need to commute to and from the venue. You handle your money and only you can see exactly how much you’ve bet by simply clicking on your account information.

The only reason online casinos may be dangerous is that scammers may try to take advantage of new or inexperienced players. However, it only takes a keen eye and common sense to sense a rigged game. Pay attention to where your money is going and you will be perfectly fine.


What is the best online casino for real money?

We truly believe that the best online casino for real money is one that caters to your preferences. If you prefer a site completely dedicated to bingo, that’s the best online casino for you. If you prefer a variety of themed slots, there are plenty of those sites out there on the internet as well. Therefore, take the time to browse through your options as opposed to settling with the first casino in Australia you search for.

Are there any online slots that pay real money?

There are thousands of online slots that pay real money! A lot of online casinos will start you out for free and payout real money. without you having to pay a dime. Others will require a minimum deposit before playing slots. However, all online casinos that market themselves as “real money” will indeed pay real money.

Always check the terms and conditions of the site to make sure that it’s legitimate; this industry is heavily regulated, so most online casinos will be legitimate and safe. However, it’s always better to make sure. Read our reviews for the most trustworthy options, and you can’t go wrong.

What casino apps pay you real money?

A simple online search for “real money casino app” will show you a list of over 50 applications that pay real money. Apps like Leo Vegas, Jackpot City, and Spin Palace are among the most popular. Others are dedicated to specific games such as poker or roulette.

Make sure to check the terms and conditions of these apps before investing. Some apps will not allow you to cash out if you don’t live in a specific region. For example, some Australian-based casino apps will not allow Americans to play.

How can I make $100 a day online? 

There are plenty of methods for making money daily online (affiliate marketing, freelance writing, etc) through an online casino in Australia. However, utilising online casinos and casino games is surprisingly one of the easiest methods with much less work. Using online casinos to make $100 a day is also much more fun than “real” work!

There are online casinos that offer enough bonuses and free incentives, and simply signing up can earn you $100 in a day. Continue that momentum to earn even more!

Start Playing!

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